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Hay is for Horses and Cattle alike

Local Hay Farms specializes in Timothy and Timothy grass mix as it’s nutrient rich for local horses and horses overseas. Available in both square and round bales, Local  Hay Farms grows quality hay for your equine partners.

Loacl Hay Farms also produces an abundance of oat green feed, mainly for local markets.

With a complete line up of work equipment, that is prepped and ready to go in early spring, Local Hay Farms starts with an application of fertilizer. Harvest is at the mercy of the weather, but with a little luck In that department and a lot of hard work, your hay will be ready for purchase by early to mid September.

L.H.F takes special pride and care for all its hay so you can feel confident in what your feeding your horses and livestock. 

L.H.F takes care of your hay

If storage space is an issue, L.H.F offers storage of your hay either under tarp or under shed to keep the weather out and maximize hay quality year-round.  It is important to keep humidity away from the hay and Blackwell pays careful attention in the storage process to ensure our top-quality products stay top-quality.

L.H.F protects your valuable crop from weather damage over the tough winter season.


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