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Quality Assurance

Moisture Matters

Moisture in bales creates a breeding ground for mold.

Blackwell Hay Farms tracks moisture content in the bales to ensure it is baled at under 12% moisture.  After baling, moisture readings increase naturally by 2-3%. Horse hay should have a moisture reading of 10-15% at time of consumption. Below 10% is not ideal either. Hay probes are used to check stacks for moisture at multiple times in the harvesting process pre-storage and prior to selling.

For transport overseas, 3rd party analysis is often conducted on the hay to measure moisture and quality.

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How we protect round bales

In colder climates like Canada, round bales with net-wrap are more easily stored outside as rain and snow can more naturally run off the curves of the bales. Blackwell uses woven plastic called net-wrap to protect round bales. The benefits of net-wrapping over twine are: 

  • Reduced harvest loss
  • Reduced storage loss
  • Reduced time needed to bale

 Net-wrap offers a little more from moisture.